Snowsuit Zine // Manifesto

Ideas Are Discovered

The implementation of ideas is what brings value to society. Ideas are an ocean in which everyone should be able to swim. Protection of an idea should be given to those who are making use of it.

Long-term Thinking Over Short-term Thinking

Deep and lasting progress is made through advances over decades and centuries. One should be guided by how their decisions will affect the generations to come.

Understanding And Action

One should understand the strengths, weaknesses, and unknowns of a decision before acting. By understanding one can ensure their choice aligns with their long-term values.

Technology Is An Enabler

Technology should aid in achieving a goal that betters oneself and those around them. Adding technology does not always make a solution better.

Profit Is Not The Only Metric

One's success should bring success to those around them as well. By benefiting all society, deep and lasting progress can be created.